Download data from anti-CRISPRdb

The core dataset
Anti-CRISPR ID, protein accession number, activity, protein source, protein sequence, comment, and coding region for each anti-CRISPR protein can be obtained.

Nucleotide sequences (from NCBI)
Nucleic acid sequences were extracted from NCBI according to their coding regions. Some anti-CRISPRs have no coding region annotation. Therefore, there are fewer nucleic acid sequences than protein sequences in the database.

Structures and interactors
All the available structures from the PDB database and interactors from the STRING and the DIP databases for each anti-CRISPR protein are provided in this dataset.

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Core dataset of anti-CRISPRs
Nucleotide sequence (from NCBI)
Structures and interactors

All protein sequences in the current version can be downloaded here.

Inhibitory strength
One Acr may have different inhibitory strength for different Cas proteins, such as AcrIF1 is potent inhibitory for I-F system in P.aeruginosa, whereas it has weak blocking function for I-F system in P.atrosepticum. We therefore collect such data. Download inhibitory strength here. Please note that the data is being updated.

Data from the first version of Anti-CRISPRdb

Click HERE to download all the protein sequences in fasta format. Click HERE to download all the non-redundant protein sequences in fasta format and their corresponding clusters. Click HERE to download all the nucleotide sequences. Click HERE to download The similarity information between the potential and verified anti-CRISPRs.