Welcome to GMMAD v1.0 (Gut Microbial Metabolite Association with Disease)

GMMAD: Gut Microbial Metabolite Association with Disease

The natural products, metabolites, of gut microbes are the crucial effect factors on diseases. Comprehensive identification and annotation of relationship among diseases, microbes and metabolites can provide accurate and targeted solutions towards understanding the mechanism of complex disease and development of new markers and drugs.

To help researchers better understand the mechanisms of metabolite regulation and find potential new drugs, we built the GMMAD (Gut Microbial Metabolite Association with Disease, http://guolab.whu.edu.cn/GMMAD) which aims to provide users comprehensive metabolite related information of gut microbes in human diseases.

Currently, GMMAD is free to access, browse, search, and download.

Now, GMMAD2 is online.

GMMAD information
  • Disease-Metabolite 220690
  • Disease-Microbe 3836
  • Diseases 113
  • Microbe 893
  • Metabolite 2448
Release & Version
  • September. 15, 2022

    Data update

    The 1829 new microbe-metabolite relationship which obtained from NJS16 were updated in GMMAD.

  • May. 18, 2022

    Data update

    The 111 new disease-metabolite relationship which published before 2022.05 were updated in GMMAD.

  • March. 15, 2022

    Data update

    The 412 new microbe-metabolite relationship which published before 2022.03 were updated in GMMAD.

  • February. 12, 2022

    GMMAD 1.0

    The GMMAD v1.0 was released.