Geptop2.0: an update of geptop, a gene essentiality prediction tool for complete-genome based on orthology and phylogeny

Essential genes are absolutely required for the survival of an organism and are considered as the foundation of life. Geptop is a webserver, which first provides a platform to detect essential gene sets over bacterial species, by comparing orthology and phylogeny of query protein sets with essential gene datasets determined experimentally (from DEG database).

Based on the first version of geptop, geptop2.0 is mainly updated in reference genomes (from 19 species to 37 species), intelligible scoring method and calculation speed.

How to cite the Geptop:
1. Wei W, Ning LW, Ye YN, Guo FB*. (2013) Geptop: a gene essentiality prediction tool for sequenced bacterial genomes based on orthology and phylogeny. PLoS One. 8(8): e72343.[Geptop1]

2.Wen QF, Liu S, Dong C, Guo HX, Gao YZ, Guo FB* (2019) Geptop 2.0: An Updated, More Precise, and Faster Geptop Server for Identification of Prokaryotic Essential Genes. Front Microbiol. 10:1236.[Geptop2]

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