Welcome to Guo Lab

@Key Laboratory of Combinatorial Biosynthesis and Drug Discovery,Ministry of Education,Wuhan University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our group is interested in the fields of microbe and drug informatics, particularly those issues associated with essential genes. We study three classes of essential genes: common essential genes (cellular genes indispensable under optimal condition), anti-CRISPR genes (essential genes for bacteria under the case with self-target CRISPR spacer), and also tRNA genes (involved in the basic translation process and may be the most essential). With our deepening researches on essential genes, we begin to devise computational methods to mine candidate metabolites/molecules with potential application in human disease. In summary, we focus on the following four issues.
1) Design essential gene prediction algorithms through multiple features, such as sequence, expression level and evolutionary features.
2) Predict the candidate Anti-CRISPR proteins and their inhibitory ability with specific Cas proteins, try to discover conserved adjacent genes of known Acrs.
3) Investigate the tRNA regulating translation efficiency and improve expression level of specific proteins.
4) Repurpose the metabolites from gut microbes for specific disease. MORE >>