Welcome to CEG 2.0 database!

CEG (Cluster of Essential Genes) is a database containing clusters of orthologous essential genes developed by CEFG Group in UESTC . If you have any suggestion, please contact us by sending an e-mail to guolab_whu@163.com.

The prokaryotic essential genes are stored in clusters mainly according to COGs(Cluster of Orthologous Groups of proteins), and the eukaryotic essential genes are clustered mainly according to EOG id of OrthoDB V9.1. Especially,the information of human essential genes validated in different cancer cell lines are clustered according to EOG id. In one word, CEG database store essential genes in the form of orthologous groups and not in single genes.

CEG 2.0 provided the similarity information between added prokaryotic essential genes and human protein-coding genes, and their structure information, the possible binding forms for protein and ligand, which help decrease the toxicity if this gene is chosen as drug-target. The cluster information of eukaryotic essential genes are added which can reflect the function popularity, inferring the importance and possible irreplaceable roles of corresponding genes. For human essential genes, one can easily find clusters which have the potential to design drugs with broad-spectrum anticancer efficiency, and find drugs specific to given cell line using their information provided by CEG 2.0.

Citation:Ye YN, Hua ZG, Huang J, Rao N, Guo FB*. (2013) CEG: a database of essential gene clusters. BMC Genomics. 14:769. [Full Text]