CEG_match: A Web Tool for CEG Prediction(Eukaryotic essential genes)

The theoretical foundation of CEG_match is as follows:
If a gene with unknown essentiality happens to be essential in multiple species, the possibility of being essential gene increases. Such possibility increases with the matching species' number. The information of matching species is important for prediction. Thus, we provide CEG_match to estimate the essentiality of input genes and also output the information of matching species for user to make judgement.
User can select k threshold according to their requirements. Those genes with the matching species' number higher than k will be considered as essential.

You can input standard names for query genes :

Or you can input sequences in Fasta format:

Please Select:

The Minimum Value Of Matching Species In CEG Database: K=

Input content: genename Nucleotide sequences Amino acid sequences (choose the content you paste in the box or in your file)

Output type: Gene_name EOG_id (please choose the type of output)

(If genename is in your file, one name per line; if sequences are in your file, it must be in fasta format.)

You can download the local version of CEG_match in the page of download!