Based on Makarova et al.’s method, we introduced MCL algorithm to handle the overlapping segments of PSI-BLAST results, changed the voting criteria and PSI-BLAST pipeline. In addition, we employed multithreadings to accelerate the annotation speed. Therefore, if you are a user of the web server, you should cite the following references:

1. Dong C#, Zeng Z#, Pu DK, Wen QF, Liu S, Du MZ, Sun Y, Gao YZ, Rao N, Huang J, Guo FB* (2019) CasLocusAnno: a web-based server for annotating cas loci and their corresponding (sub)types. FEBS Lett. 2019 Jul 1.

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3. Stijn van Dongen, Graph Clustering by Flow Simulation. PhD thesis, University of Utrecht, May 2000. More details about MCL can be obtained from